Jessica Weigley, Principal

Jessica Weigley received formal training in the principals of teaching and learning and graduated from the University of Florida with a Masters Degree in Education. This unconventional background partners with her experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia to create a unique voice at the design table. Prior to co-founding síol, Jessica worked tirelessly to develop her knowledge and skills during her time as a member of Johnny Grey’s US design team.

Founding síol has allowed her to further explore her interest in the potential of space to enhance the human experience.

She has co-designed several rooms for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase House and has been recognized as a designer to watch by California Home and Design. Together, Jessica and Kevin authored and presented a paper on Integral Architecture and are currently working to building dialogue between those involved in the phenomenological, ecological, neurological, and integral communities.

Jessica leads the interior design team at síol with her eye ever on thoughtful, carefully crafted, unexpected, and elegant solutions. Preferring to listen deeply and speak softly, her passion for nature and the contemplative arts inform her life and work.

Kevin Hackett, Principal

Kevin Hackett was born in Limerick, Republic of Ireland. He received both his B.A. (Hons) and PG Dip. in Architecture from the University of Plymouth in the U.K. Kevin’s professional career has spanned continents, having worked for award winning firms in the U.K., Paris and Shanghai before moving to San Francisco in search of a more sustainable methodology.

He was Design Director for British architect Johnny Grey's US office before co-founding Síol in 2007. The practice was conceived to nurture t he multidisciplinary mindset and promote a deeper connectivity between self and place. Kevin is a studio instructor in the Architecture Department at the Academy of Art University and has previously taught and guest lectured at the California College of the Arts. His lecture series, ‘Building Consciousness’, investigated the merging disciplines of Architecture and Psychology. He co-presented the paper ‘Towards an Integral Architecture’ at the 2010 Integral Theory Conference.

Kevin continues to take his conceptual thinking into mindful action through the Integral lens of the practice. He is also an accomplished artist and his work has been exhibited both locally and internationally. Kevin is a practitioner of freemasonry, vedantic meditation and a devoted Ocean Beach surfer.

Robo Gerson, Architect

A Registered Architect in the State of California, Robo gained licensure through apprenticeship. Building a diverse background of experience, Robo has been involved in a broad range of projects, from parks, bridges and municipal projects, to single and multi-family homes.

During his first semester of the architecture program at City College of San Francisco, Robo earned a position as intern designer at Barcelon + Jang. Upon completion of the architecture program at CCSF, he joined EndresWare in Berkeley as a Project Manager, focusing mainly on Construction Administration. Over the course of the next ten years, he established the Construction Administration standards for the office, managed several high profile projects, and ensconced the seamless integration of structure and form. He earned his architecture license in October of 2012. Joining Síol, Robo brings this experience to integral design.

Robo has shaped his design philosophy by drawing on experience in black and white small, medium, and large format photography, work on vintage cars and motorcycles (a ’57 VW Beetle, a ’71 VW Squareback, and a ’67 Honda Dream), carpentry, horticulture and backyard gardening, landscape design, and modern architecture. Robo’s aesthetic is one of elegant simplicity and honesty in materials.